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Stephen Melia

Stephen Melia



.My name is Stephen Melia (BAGGIEOLDBOY) to a lot of my friends and to my artistic friends too.
This derives from my age now over 40 and the fact i have followed West Bromwich Albion who are called the Baggies for more than 35 years hence the BAGGIE and my age OLDBOY.
I started taking pictures with a run of the mill aim and shoot 4 years back as a hobby and a laugh but soon realised i liked it a lot and about 16 months ago decided to go to a D.S.L.R. I purchased my Cannon EOS 550D after a lucky streak on the football betting and have never regretted it, I also purchased various lenses for different needs and find they cover most situations. I have my designs on Pillows, Phone cases, I pad and i pod cases and also as Prints and Canvas wall art.
I am very much at the start of my photographic adventure and have chosen to display a few of my favourite shots on here for you all to enjoy
browse through them at your leisure and i hope you enjoy looking at them as much as i enjoyed taking them.


Lobster Traps by Stephen Melia


Lobster Pots by Stephen Melia


Eurasian Striped Owl by Stephen Melia


Lethal Weapon by Stephen Melia


Beware The Predator by Stephen Melia


In For The Kill by Stephen Melia


The Gaurdian by Stephen Melia


Pretty in Pink by Stephen Melia


Plum tree blossoms by Stephen Melia


Purple Anemone by Stephen Melia


Clent Hills Sunset by Stephen Melia


Four Stones Folly Clent Hills by Stephen Melia


Magnolia Bloom by Stephen Melia


Magnolia Tree by Stephen Melia


Magnolia Flower Bloom by Stephen Melia


Magnolia Blooms by Stephen Melia


Mono Clematis by Baggieoldboy


Milky Clematis by Baggieoldboy


Classy Nelly by Baggieoldboy


Sweet Nelly by Baggieoldboy


Heart of Nelly by Baggieoldboy


Heart of a Clematis by Baggieoldboy


Sweet Nelly Clematis by Baggieoldboy


Weymouth Seafront by baggieoldboy


African Daisy Osteospermum by Baggieoldboy


Aquilegia Columbine by Baggieoldboy


Birmingham Council House by baggieoldboy


Badger Dingle fall by Baggieoldboy


Winters First Icy breath by Baggieoldboy


Pristine Peacock by Baggieoldboy


Studebaker by Baggieoldboy


1940 Studebaker Business Coupe by Baggieoldboy


Harleys by Baggieoldboy


Abstract Harleys by Baggieoldboy


Twin Harleys by Baggieoldboy


Double the Fun by Baggieoldboy


Sweet Cherry by Baggieoldboy


Purple Allium Ornamental Onion by Baggieoldboy


Thimbleberry Bloom by Baggieoldboy


Ford 1937 Tudor Sedan by Baggieoldboy


Ford Hot Rod Reflection by Baggieoldboy


1934 Yellow Ford Hot Rod by Baggieoldboy


Custom 1934 Ford Artwork by Baggieoldboy


1934 Ford Custom Yellow Hot Rod by Baggieoldboy


1964 Chevrolet pick up by Baggieoldboy


3 window 1933 ford coupe by Baggieoldboy


1934 Ford Coupe Hot Rod by Baggieoldboy


1947 Ford F150 Regular cab Pick up by Baggieoldboy